Hindustan Petroleum deploys Trend Micro Comprehensive Security Solution

New Delhi, India, December 2, 2013:  Trend Micro Incorporated, a global cloud security player, has deployed Comprehensive Security Solutions for Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), one of India’s largest oil and natural gas companies. Headquartered in Mumbai, the state-owned firm is the most respected organizations in the country.

HPCL’s data was shielded by a thin layer of anti-virus software and lacked a centralized management and monitoring component to keep track of updates and vulnerabilities. Another challenge was that users weren’t able to download security updates directly from the Internet. Worse, many of HPCL’s employees did not have Internet connection at all times. As a result, many user machines were getting outdated when it came to security updates. Apart from malware attacks, this was also resulting in productivity losses for HPCL. Its helpdesk team was the busiest team in the company, as it used to receive numerous calls in a day.

M.P. Keshava, chief manager-Information Security and Compliance, HPCL, said, “The solution we had was not comprehensive. It was protecting us only at the client level. But there was no protection at the network level. There were times when, for instance, we could not connect a freshly formatted laptop onto the network without getting infected by a virus. We realized that having AV software on all the clients was not sufficient. Also, monitoring and patching was not happening effectively. There were many instances of PCs getting re-formatted because the AV software did not work properly. When we studied the scenario, we realized that it was mainly because the users were not updating their antivirus software regularly.”

On top of that, HPCL had an extensively distributed network with multiple locations across the country. Central management and monitoring, thus, became the need of the hour for the company.

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